Chemical Service

Chemical Service

1 Unit


2 Units & Above

Save 10%

$75.00 / per unit

  • Dismantle fan coil for chemical cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning of cooling coil
  • Clean cover, air filter, water tray and fan blower
  • Clean and vacuum drainage pipe thoroughly
  • Re-installation of fan coil unit
  • Checking of refrigerant system
  • Checking of air conditioner’s operating conditions

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  • Chemical clean of each Aircon component

  • Remove odors, dust & algae for cleaner air

  • Perform flushing on the drainage system

  • Improve cooling & cleaning of Aircon pipe blockage


  • Prevent water leaking

  • Save energy costs

  • Prolong the life span of the aircon unit

  • Improve efficiency

  • Save costs on repair work and parts replacement


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